This manual will teach you how to get started in SimCity.

Starting up a cityEdit

Basic infrastructureEdit

Perhaps the most important part of SimCity is starting it up. I recommend pausing the game while following the steps below.

Road layingEdit

Road 8

Drag the road tool across these white dotted lines until you have filled your city plot. Use low density roads, which can (and will) be upgraded later. If you choose, you can build high-density roads from the start. It will avoid the hassle of upgrading roads later, but it is expensive. Make sure your entrance to the highway is connected to your street grid.

Water, sewage, and powerEdit


Citizens cannot survive without these basic services. First, place down two water towers. When you try to place one down, the screen will show you a map with shades of blue. Place the water towers in one of the bluest areas.

Next, place down one sewage outflow pipe away from rivers, lakes, oceans, and your water towers.

Finally, place down a wind power plant anywhere where wind is 9 mph or above. An indicator will tell you wind speed when placing down the power plant.

Zone RCIEdit

Next, zone areas of your city by dragging the zone tool along roads. Remember to have ⅕ industrial (yellow) zones, ⅖ commercial (blue) zones, and ⅗ or more of residential (green) zones.


Lifesaving servicesEdit

Now it's time for the final touch! Place down a fire station, click on it, press the hammer button to edit it, and add 4 more fire truck garages. These will come in handy as fire will be a big problem in any new city. Then add a police station. Next, add a clinic. Last, but certainly not least, add down an elementary school and go into its edit mode. Add 4 school bus shelters. Then, add school bus stops everywhere near your residential (green) zones.

Unpause the game, and watch your city spring to life!