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SimCity (sometimes unofficially labeled SimCity 5) is the latest game in the SimCity franchise, released in 2013. Our wikia aims to be the most complete wiki on the entire SimCity franchise. We have articles for all skill levels, from first-time newbies to veterans of SimCity. Topics include Startup Guides, Expansion Packs, Modding, and so much more!

About SimCity 2013

SimCity 2013 is a city simulation and building game like no other. While most city-building games make you build every single generic building yourself, SimCity is a dynamic sandbox game where you decide your path, not a tutorial. Will you be a tourism and gambling mecca, or maybe a quiet mining town in the mountains? Maybe you might even recreate Silicon Valley! Will your city's future be a utopian paradise or a corporate-owned dystopia? Will you build a city on the foundation for the sole purpose of providing power, water, sewage, and garbage service to your entire region. That is the beauty of SimCity.

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